We try to give the best spirits, best fresh ingredients with a modern yet classic decor and lively yet classy environment. We don’t cut any corners and our staff is trained and held to high standards while still allowing their individual personalities and style to thrive. If we can’t make it, our bar doesn’t use it. We travel the globe and try to include every interesting new spirits, techniques and methods used by adventurous bars and restaurants alike.


From our ownership to our bar backs, our whole company is passionate for nerdy cocktails and love to share the amazing and unique world with everyone without being too exclusive or snobby. We take pride in what we do but love sharing and educating people on the complex process. At the end of the day, the cocktail world should be a fun adventure and will excite and inspire you if you let it.


To create the most inventive cocktails while still producing them at high volumes, we use advanced techniques and modern culinary equipment such as:


The Centrifuge: Our medical grade centrifuge is used to clarify juices and help us with our nerdy ambitions. It spins up to 8000 RPM (Rotations-Per-Minute) and separates the liquids by density. We clarify Bananas blended with Fernet and Campari, Apricots with our Bourbon Blend, and our juices — lime, orange, strawberry. 


The Sous-Vide: A cooking technique that literally means “under vacuum”, we use to control flavors in our syrups and extracts. With our Fresno-Chile syrup we cook them at constant temperature that helps up get the exact right amount of heat because the spicy and other bitter flavors are released last. We also use this method to cook certain spices and softly extract harsh flavors.


The Press Juicer: We use a slower juicer that takes a bit longer to juice but extracts more nutrients and flavor from the fruit/veg. It helps us get the most from our fresh produce and makes you the tastiest drinks we can.


The Zumex Juicer: This mega-juicer can handle entire boxes of citrus at a time. We use this machine because every juice and syrup is made fresh in house. The volume of juice is unprecedented but with this machine, it’s a breeze for our prep chefs.


Other than equipment and techniques, we care about each part of the cocktail from the garnish to glassware to the spirits every element is made with intention and the freshest of ingredients. All of our produce is of the highest quality, clean, and delivered and prepped daily to guarantee freshness. Our promise is “If we don’t make it, we don’t use it.”, so while we might not have everything in stock all the time, what we do have will be fresh, seasonal and alive with probiotic goodness. Next time you visit us, you are guaranteed not only a good time but healthy, sustainable and deliberate libations.